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February 15, 2023

With an extremely heavy heart, I announce we will be ceasing our 110-year mission to provide communication tools to Catholic Parishes across the United States. Our last print edition will be delivered to you to cover the weekend of February 25-26, 2023.

The management team at J.S. Paluch spent innumerable hours over the last decade applying cost cutting measures to cope with various economic, supply chain, and labor challenges, not to mention the disastrous impact COVID-19 and related lockdowns had on Church attendance. Despite every effort, we were unable to overcome rising costs and decreased advertiser support to enable J.S. Paluch to continue to deliver to you and your parishioners the quality product that has been our hallmark for over a century.

Over the past 18 months, we spent countless hours attempting to place all of our parishes with other bulletin providers and were successful doing so with over half of our parishes. Unfortunately, however, we were unable to find a bulletin provider willing to take a direct assignment of your contract to enable your parish to continue receiving bulletins under your current contract terms. Regretfully, we have no choice but to advise you the last bulletin to be delivered to you by J.S. Paluch will be for the weekend of February 25-26, 2023. There are a number of reputable bulletin providers you should contact.

As the current president of J.S. Paluch and the granddaughter of its founders, John S. and Martha Paluch, I am extremely grateful to you for supporting our efforts over the years, as well as to our advertisers who have enabled us to supply you with cost-free bulletins and each and every employee who has graced J.S. Paluch with their dedication, creativity, and effort. I can tell you that making the decision to terminate operations has been a tremendously difficult and emotionally draining one. Please join me in thankful praise to my blessed grandparents, who in 1913 conceived and brought to life the idea of delivering printed bulletins to Churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and to my blessed parents, Chester J. and Margaret (Mickey) A. Paluch, who continued this tradition and dedicated their lives to bringing meaningful spiritual messages in professionally prepared weekly bulletins to thousands of parishes across the United States and Puerto Rico. Please also keep our employees in your prayers as they seek new opportunities.

On behalf of the Paluch family, please know we are extremely grateful to you and your parish for having supported our efforts these many years and we wish you Godspeed!

For additional questions or comments, please email parishinfo@jspaluch.com

Many blessings to you and your congregation,

Mary L. Paluch Rafferty
President, J.S. Paluch Co., Inc

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